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The causes of deformation in machining aluminum alloy stampings and improving measures

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping processing factory producing all kinds of stamping products, including aluminum alloy stamping material thermal expansion coefficient is larger, especially in the free forging blank, machining allowance, thereby increasing the deformation of the bad situation; The causes of deformation in machining aluminum alloy stampings; Deformation many reasons, including materials, parts and parts, production conditions, the performance of the cutting fluid has a certain relationship, main show is; In die stamping process in the blank of deformation caused by the internal stress, cutting force, cutting heat caused by deformation and clamping force caused by deformation; How to reduce the deformation of aluminum alloy in stamping parts processing situation? 1, reduce internal stress of blank; Using natural or artificial aging and vibration processing, all can partly eliminate the internal stress of blank, the approach of processing is also effective in advance and the blank, with a larger, because of the large margin is likely to increase the deformation after processing, if first processing spare parts of blank, narrow margin of each part, placed ahead of time, not only can release some of the stress, can also reduce the deformation of the processing; 2, choose reasonable tool geometric parameters, improve tool cutting ability; Cutting tool materials, geometric parameters have important influence on cutting force, cutting heat, correct selection of the cutting tool, is very important to reduce the deformation of parts processing; 3, adjust the aluminium alloy stampings clamp method; For thin-wall aluminium alloy workpiece with poor rigidity, if the use of three jaw self centering chuck or collet chuck from radial clamping, once let go, after processing the workpiece must be out of shape. At this point, should use rigid good axial end face compaction method. Inner hole location in parts, homemade wear a threaded spindle, set into the inner hole of the parts, with a cover plate on its compression face using nuts back down again. Machining cylindrical can avoid clamping deformation, and satisfactory machining accuracy is obtained. Was carried out on the thin sheet workpiece machining, as far as possible choose vacuum suction cups, to obtain a uniform distribution of clamping force, and then processing by the smaller cutting parameter, is a good way to prevent deformation.
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