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Talking about the key points of stainless steel drawing parts processing (1)

by:Fortuna     2021-03-03
The material of stainless steel drawing parts is generally 430/201/301/304/316/316L/321, etc. Each material grade has a finer classification according to the different element content. For example, the 201 material is divided into low copper, medium copper, and high copper. , From low to high tensile strength, because of the strong tensile strength of stainless steel, so its tensile properties are lower than carbon steel tensile plate, so it is higher than carbon steel in terms of drawing process. In the forming process of stainless steel drawing parts, it is first necessary to ensure that the product must be formed with the die, and secondly, to control the cooling of the heat generated during the drawing process. If possible, the upper and lower molds can be cooled at the same time. Generally, the upper and lower parts of the processed workpiece are applied and pulled In special cases, the bottom surface, which is the contact surface between the workpiece and the die, can also be applied with drawing oil, because most of the heat is generated on the die during the stretching process. This is a cooling method for single-station mold processing. For continuous molds, a cutting emulsion can be placed between the material rack and the feeder to allow the material belt to slide through, or a drawing oil can be applied to one side. The drawing oil can not only cool down the mold, but also The protective effect on the mold greatly reduces the wear of the mold and increases the surface finish of the workpiece. The address of this article For detailed consultation, please contact Previous article: Technical improvement and improvement of mold structure
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