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Types and technical characteristics of high-speed precision stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-04-25
High-speed precision stamping parts can be divided into electronic parts, IC integrated circuit lead frames, motor cores, electrical iron cores, heat exchanger fins, auto parts, home appliance parts, and And other types, etc. The parts mainly include connecting devices, connectors, brush parts, electrical terminals, elastic parts, etc.
IC integrated circuit lead frame mainly includes discrete device lead frame and integrated circuit lead frame. Motor cores mainly include single-phase series motor cores, single-phase household motor cores, single-phase shaded pole motor cores, permanent magnet DC motor cores, industrial motor cores, plastic-encapsulated stator cores, etc. Electric appliance cores mainly include E-shaped transformer cores, EI-shaped transformer cores, I-shaped transformer cores, and other transformer core chips. Heat exchanger fins mainly include industrial heat exchanger fins, household heat exchanger fins, and automobile heat exchanger fins. Automobile parts mainly include automobile structural parts and automobile functional parts. Home appliance parts mainly include major appliance parts, such as color tube electron gun parts, and small household appliances parts, various structural parts and functional parts. Other types of parts mainly include instrumentation parts, IT parts, acoustic and camera parts, modern office parts, and hardware.
The technology of high-speed precision stamping parts has the characteristics of wide variety, material diversity, thin plate coils, large automated production batches, high precision, complex shapes, high technical content and high added value.

Overview of Motor Core Production Technology

Iron core is an important part of motor products, generally made of 0.35mm, 0.5mm thick silicon steel sheet. In all links of motor production, the production of iron core punching is the key. At present, China's high-speed precision stamping iron chips and iron core automatic stacking riveting, iron core three-row twisted groove stacking riveting, iron core with twisting slot and rotary stacking riveting, iron core double-rotating stacking riveting, iron core double-row large rotating stacking riveting , Large-scale outer rotor core with twisted groove stacked riveting, stator core semicircular combined stacked riveting, stator core multi-piece combined stacked riveting, long straight stator core rolled round combined stacked riveting, and other high-speed precision stamping production technologies and international advanced technologies It is not inferior in comparison.
The typical high-speed precision stamping production technology of three-row iron core with twisted grooved riveting products is that the iron core material is 50W470 silicon steel sheet, the strip thickness is 0.5mm, and the material width is 307.5mm. Strip material through uncoiling device, S-type leveling device, feeding device, material lubrication device, high-speed precision press, large precision progressive die and other integrated high-speed operation, as well as automatic punching guide nail holes, rotor sheet stacking riveting process holes , Rotor piece marking hole, rotor piece metering hole, rotor piece slot shape, rotor piece step hole, rotor piece stacking riveting point, rotor piece inner hole, rotor piece blanking stacking riveting and twisting slot, stator piece notch, stator piece marking hole , Stator sheet metering hole, stator sheet slot shape, stator sheet stacking riveting point, stator sheet inner hole, stator sheet blanking stacking riveting and other multi-station and multi-process cross continuous stamping, complete three sets of stator and rotor core products at one time, The automatic riveting thickness of the iron core is 105mm, the outer diameter of the stator iron core is 110.52~0.02mm, and the outer diameter is 55.1~0.01/0.02mm. The products are produced on a 300-ton large-scale high-speed precision press, the punching speed is changed from 280 to 320 times per minute, and the iron core products are automatically output during the stamping process.

Summary of Heat Exchanger Fin Production Technology

The fin is the main part of the air conditioner, generally made of 0.105mm thick aluminum foil. Luo Baihui pointed out that in recent years, China has made significant improvements in the production technology of high-speed stamped heat exchanger fins, such as household air-conditioning heat exchanger fins, automobile air-conditioning heat exchanger fins, industrial air-conditioning heat exchangers, and integral ducted air conditioners. The high-speed precision stamping production technology of heat exchanger fins, new type of special-shaped hole air-conditioning heat exchanger fins, and large-scale cold storage radiator fins has approached the international advanced level. The high-speed precision stamping production technology of 12 rows, 24 rows, 36 rows, 42 rows, 48 u200bu200brows, 60 rows, 72 rows and 76 rows of fins developed by China has reached the level of similar products in the world. Among them, the typical high-speed precision stamping production technology of u0026Phi;5.2?72 rows?2 step fins is: fin material aluminum foil 1,000-8H22, thickness 0.105mm strip material, by display rack, oil passing device, feeding device , High-speed precision press, large precision progressive die, suction and aggregate device, etc., composed of fin high-speed precision stamping automatic production line The continuous punching of 12 forming projects, including the middle profile cutting project, end profile cutting project, side cutting project, different normal project, slitting project, feeding project, and cross cutting project, produces 72 rows of fins at a time, with complex fin shapes. The precision is high, and the surface requires technical requirements such as smooth, smooth, scratch-free, burr-free, and flanging-free cracking. u0026Phi; 5 series, 72 numbers and 2 stepping fins are produced on a 100-ton high-speed precision special press with a sprint speed of 260 times per minute, and the fin products can be collected and taken at the same time during the stamping process.
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